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We, at United Systema listen, understand, analyze, present and implement. No need to go through different service providers to develop your software, then host it, then maintain it. United Systema is All In One provider.

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New solutions approaches’ serving to store & secure your data where you want

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We are leading the region in terms of hosting & cloud services pricing

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Solutions we propose are easy to use (windows, mac, android, IOS, etc.)

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Managing Your Sports Academy is Easy with SMS !

  • Registration and enrollment management: The system allows the academy to manage student registrations and enrollments, including collecting personal information, contact details, medical information, and waivers.

  • Schedule management: The system enables the academy to manage its class schedules, assign trainers, and notify students of schedule changes.

  • Training management: The system helps manage the trainers' schedules, attendance, and performance evaluations.

  • Communication and messaging: The system provides a messaging platform for the academy to communicate with students and parents, send reminders, and share updates and announcements.

  • Performance tracking: The system helps track students' progress, including attendance, performance metrics, and achievements.

  • Payment and billing: The system allows the academy to manage billing and payments, including setting up payment plans, invoicing, and accepting payments online.

  • Equipment and inventory management: The system enables the academy to manage its equipment and inventory, including tracking usage and maintenance schedules.

  • Reporting and analytics: The system provides reporting and analytics tools to help the academy track key performance indicators, such as enrollment, retention, and revenue.

  • Mobile app: The system has a mobile app to allow students and parents to access the system's features, such as schedules, communication, and performance tracking, on the go. (this service is on-demand)

  • Integration: The system is able to integrate with other tools, such as accounting software, social media platforms, and email marketing services, to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Cloud & Hosting Plans

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Business ONE

Starter Kit
QAR 149
per month
  • 2 Cores / 2 GB
  • 100 GB SSD
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Immunify Cloud Security
  • NodeJS, Ruby, PHP & Python Sypport
  • Free SSL certificate*

Business Expert

Expert Kit
QAR 499
per month
  • 4 Cores / 16 GB
  • Unmetered SSD
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Immunify Cloud Security
  • SEO Free
  • Free VPS Setup
  • Unlimited Badnwidth
  • Daily Backup
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Free SSL Certificate*
Best Seller

Business Advanced

Advanced Kit
QAR 289
per month
  • 2 Cores / 8 GB
  • Unmetered SSD
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free VPS Steup
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate*

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